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King Lear

King Lear - Durham Arts Council, 120 Morris St, Durham, NC

The King, craving uncritical and unbounded love, promotes conniving flatterers and banishes every voice of reason from his Kingdom. What could possibly go wrong? For Shakespeare’s answer, come see the Eno River Players production of King Lear, Feb 23-25 at the Durham Arts Council. Tickets at http://www.enoriverplayers.org. Milo Fryling is playing Duke of Albany.  Pamela Alberda is playing Earl of Kent.


Chamber Singers at 11 AM Worship Service

United Church of Chapel Hill, 1321 Martin Luther King Blvd., Chapel Hill, NC

This will be my last appearance conducting the UCCH Chamber Singers.  We are singing "Spirit of Mercy", an adaptation of "Il Bianco e Dolce Cigno" by Jacob Arcadelt.



Violin Recital - students of Carrie Wiseman

Carolina Meadows, 100 Carolina Meadows, Chapel Hill, NC

I will be accompanying many violin students of Carrie Wiseman (formerly Engsberg): Vivaldi, Seitz, Bach, and others.


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Studying piano is a great way to enjoy music, get tactile satisfaction, improve coordination, build confidence and have a creative outlet. I have been playing piano for nearly 50 years, and opened my studio in 2015.

Lessons are half an hour to an hour, and held at my home studio in the Woodlake neighborhood of Durham, NC (not far from Southpoint Mall). 
Fees are on the on-line scheduling page.   

Request more information by email.

All ages are welcome.

  • Students age 4 and younger work with a pre-piano curriculum to develop musical competence, focus and coordination.
  • Children and youth participate in a few recitals and musical get-togethers during the year.
  • I accommodate busy adults who may need flexible scheduling, and collaborate on setting goals.
  • Many retirees have enjoyed piano study as they find they have more time. I encourage both adults who have never studied piano, and those who are interested in getting back to it.

Why take lessons if you are using Piano Marvel or online tutorials?  A teacher will:

- demonstrate and correct physical approach to the piano (posture and positioning, use of arms, weight, direction, bounce, etc.), which makes an enormous difference in ease of playing. 
- demonstrate and discuss musical expression - how to set a mood, tell a story, make surprises with your playing, using dynamics, shading, timing and tone. 
- help you discover how pieces are constructed - recognize themes, structures and expressive devices, and help you create your own music through improvisation, games and composition.
- help you engage the emotional aspects of being a pianist - confidence, self-image, power, self-expression, persistence, courage.